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MMOs on consoles should have been a common thing – yeah graphics would have had to have taken a hit in order to accommodate several hundred players on the screen at once, but we could have dealt with PSX graphics for a really good game right? Well, seventh gen gaming was sparse on MMOs to say the least, but it looks like Ubisoft's Massive division will be kicking things off right for the eighth gen of gaming with the online, post-apocalyptic survival shooter, The Division.

The game picks up after a really devastating viral outbreak that caused the Black Winter. Gamers will create and customize their character and then form a crew to scavenge through a semi-desolate world where supplies are limited and hostiles are there a plenty.

The survive or be killed mentality of the game is pretty slick and there's a sort of AAA style DayZ vibe to the game, but I'm a bit with Peter Molyneux and agree with him that The Last of Us has definitely set a bar in the mainstream AAA space and regarding The Division: what's the scope of the game? While the graphics and presentation were pretty, it was hard to get an idea of what you actually do and why you need a crew. Still, Ubisoft has plenty of time to answer questions.

I've really got to give a hand to Ubisoft and their E3 presentations, though. While a lot of people rag on them for being quirky, they always bring at least one big game to the stage that at least aims to do something unique and different. It was Watch Dogs last year and it was The Division this year.

The MMO is set for release on the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 (hopefully they'll squeeze a PC release in there as well). You can keep an eye on Ubisoft's games by paying a visit to their official website.