A new side-scrolling Donkey Kong game is scheduled to release on the Nintendo Wii U. The one or two player cooperative title will see the return of a lot of familiar faces from the Donkey Kong universe, including Diddy and Dixie Kong.

The new game is sort of a throwback to the earlier Sonic games on the Sega Genesis...you know, the ones that were actually good? Well, Dixie has a special ability to help her teammates fly over objects and get through tough to reach places using her ponytail-copter ability, very much like Tails and his ability to lift up Sonic in Sonic 3. Diddy is...well...Diddy is Diddy.

Anyway, the game hearkens back to the popular side-scrolling Donkey Kong games from the SNES that really helped propel the Donkey franchise into whole new heights. The music, the graphics, the gameplay – all of it was absolutely top notch back then during the mid 1990s. Nintendo is hoping to cash in on some of that nostalgia with the updated, Wii U rendition of the Tropical Freeze.

With Retro Studios at the helm and a release date set for November of this year, Nintendo isn't completely counted out of the next-gen console race thanks to a few big exclusives that they still have up their sleeve. With local and online multiplayer, the game should also manage to appeal to both old-school and new-school gamers alike.

You can learn more about Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze by paying a visit to the official Nintendo E3 website.

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