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Ubisoft announced on stage during their E3 press conference that The Crew, the open-world driving game all about getting together with friends and racing in multiplayer battles against other crews, will launch this fall on November 11th for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

I'm sure a ton of gamers are just excited that there's no cross-generational worries this time around. During the press conference Ubisoft made it known that this game will be eighth-gen (and PC) only.

You no longer have to worry about the game being downgraded to fit the needs of the geriatric twins from the seventh gen. This means that games will enable players to experience bigger worlds, fewer loading times, better graphics, bigger worlds and more advanced gameplay mechanics than what was hindered and shackled by the limitations of near-decade old technology.

In a way, this kind of ties into one of the biggest problems that a lot of eighth-gen games suffer from: a lot of these cross-gen games are actually upscaled ports from the Xbox 360 or PS3, showing many of the same gameplay and graphical limitations from seventh gen, such as Watch Dogs.

Now, I can't say for sure that The Crew being eighth gen only ensures that the game will be a dynamic experience that will 'wow' gamers. Instead, we have a game that may or may not live up to the expectations. I mean, it's essentially Test Drive Unlimited 2 that doesn't aim to bore the living crap out of gamers.

The biggest draw for me is that there is a bevy cache of customizable options present in The Crew. Being able to modify the cars for off-road purposes, street purposes or pro-racing purposes is pretty cool mainly because there are no other racing games that allow you to do what The Crew does.

You can take your tuned-up Camero and deck it out like a dune-buggy, or make it low and sexy as a dragster, or big and beefy for running armored trucks off the road. It's a neat little spin on the typical approach to racing games and that's pretty good news for anyone looking for something that isn't the typical Need for Speed outing.

Ubisoft is currently prepping to allow users to play-test The Crew as part of a closed-beta test before they open it up to the public, but the official beta website Take note that Ubisoft's site is getting hammered right now, so you'll have to take it easy and wait a bit if you want to login.

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