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Sony confirmed at their E3 2014 press conference tonight that GTA 5 is coming to the PS4. Rockstar followed up on that announcement with a trailer confirming Xbox One and PC versions as well.

If you own a last-gen version of the game, it's going to be easy to upgrade to the PS4. Sony's Andrew House confirmed during the press conference that you can import your GTA Online progress to the PS4. It doesn't matter whether you're currently playing on the Xbox 360 or PS3. I guess Sony's hoping to convince a few Xbox 360 owners to defect in the new generation of consoles.

It's not a bad business move. Right now only a small fraction of PS3 and Xbox 360 owners have upgraded to new consoles. They're waiting for something - an exclusive, a price cut, whatever - to convince them to upgrade. It's only natural for Microsoft and Sony to dream up promotions targeting these undecideds.

Tonight's announcement doesn't necessarily mean that the Xbox One and PC versions can't import GTA Online data from other platforms, though. This announcement came during Sony's press conference and it's not like they were under any obligation to talk about those other platforms. We'll see what Rockstar says in the morning.

I sure hope that PS3/360 GTA 5 owners get some kind of discount on the other versions, too. GTA 5's a good game but asking players to spend another $60 on it might limit the ports' appeal.

The GTA 5 PS4 reveal was limited to a trailer showing various scenes from throughout Los Santos. Trevor waking up shirtless in a field. Franklin washing his car. Michael doing yoga by the pool. A title card at the end of the video notes that the footage was recorded on a PS4

No concrete details were announced about the new-gen versions. Presumably it has better resolutions and framerates than its last-gen counterparts. The text accompanying tonight's trailer simply says that these new versions "will take full advantage of the power of new generation systems to deliver the ultimate open-world experience."

It may be too optimistic to expect bonus content on those platforms too. Perhaps Rockstar will at least ship the ports with some of the DLC and patches released to date on PS3 and Xbox 360.

GTA 5 will hit the PC, Xbox One and PS4 this fall. Pre-orders should be available real soon.

What new version of GTA 5 will you buy?
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