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Nintendo took an opportunity to do some really wacky and unique things at this year's E3, including a conference that mostly took place with stop motion figurines and over-the-top reveals (Iwata versus Reggie is a gif waiting to happen and will be epic when it does). One of the things Nintendo has been accused of all the time is “rehashing” their brands. “Too many Mario titles!” we hear all too often. Well, during the Nintendo Direct, the Big 'N' unveiled a brand new IP exclusively for the Wii U called Splatoon. Some gamers described it as the “baby version of Call of Duty” or “De Blob: Modern Warfare”.

Splatoon sees two teams of four go head-to-head in a colorful paint-themed competitive shooter. The game features typical Nintendo-oriented aesthetics and a rather compelling gameplay theme that revolves around winning by out-painting your opponents.

That's right, you splash up the arena with colorful paint blobs and hope to out-paint your rivals by covering more of the arena than they do. It's a very different take on the competitive shooter genre that's for sure.

For those of you who have no idea how this will work, just check out the trailer that Nintendo rolled out during their E3 digital conference.

The competitive edge for the game comes into play as players try to “win” the arena by splashing up more of the environment and in unique ways. For instance – given the team-orieinted nature of the game – you might have your teammates spray down a hard-to-reach area in order to keep the score in their favor.

Helping players traverse the arena is the ability to dip around as paint puddles, giving players an easy way to either get to spots that need splooshing or teammates who might be in trouble.

The game's reliance on teamwork and paint-splashing is a pretty original idea. While some gamers might think this is like Greg Hasting's Paintball or other similar paintball titles, it's actually far from it, mostly since your aim in Splatoon is to paint the arena and not necessarily your opponents.

It's a really wacky design that seems to evolve on exploring what was originally introduced in the puzzle-platformer De Blob, but expanded into a more high-tension, competitive multiplayer affair. I can definitely dig it, especially since the original De Blob games just seemed kind of okay... or rather, I should say that they felt like filler games instead of fully fleshed out titles.

Splatoon is expected to launch next year in 2015, exclusively for the Wii U. For more information feel free to pay a visit to the Nintendo's official E3 website.

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