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After reaching out to EA last week for a comment on a monetary issue that has been plaguing gamers for an entire year and spanning two games, we still haven't received a response from them. However, gamers have fared slightly better, continually pestering EA for a response and they finally got one, but not the one they were hoping for.

We originally reported about users having to pay money for the HUT mode in order to keep their teams in the game. The virtual currency glitched and real money was required, otherwise you would never be able to progress in the game. As bad as that sounds, it doesn't even compare to the boost packs that EA has been selling that don't completely download for users, taking the user's money but offering nothing in return.

EA was peppered with a lot of questions regarding these problems but they've worked hard to shy away from taking any kind of public accountability for the problems. Paying for something and not getting anything in return seems a bit similar to the Diablo III instance where users were locked out of their money and account after trying to play the game while traveling to different regions.

So far, EA has been regurgitating the same responses to users who keep asking about when the problems will be fixed. As evidenced in this Twitter response, where EA states...
It's an issue we're looking into that's affecting a small number of users. Sorry for the trouble.

A “small number of users”? That's almost identical to what Blizzard said about the hacked accounts for Diablo III and that turned out to be a mess that affected countless gamers, contributing to the game's massive dropoff.

What's worse is that on the official NHL 13 Twitter feed the company continually promotes the purchase of premium packs while users on the forums continue to lament not being able to receive the items they paid for and not receiving a refund either.

What's so bothersome about this is the nonchalant approach to the issue, as if it's just not that important. That for the people who experience a loss of funds for a product that wasn't delivered is just a breeze across some trees.

The issue of paying for boost packs and not receiving them has been ongoing since NHL 12, which released last year. The fact that the problem carried over into NHL 13 showcases just how uncaring EA is about their consumers. It doesn't take an entire year and countless forum threads to look into an issue that's not going away.
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