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EA gets criticized at times for not making enough changes each year to their sports games. Well, NHL 10 will be different from NHL 09 in at least one big way: it won't appear on the PC or PS2.

The first news of the PC/PS2 versions being scuttled came from a user post on Hockey Downloads forum. The initial post, citing a conversation with EA producer Ryan Nicholas, stated that the teams responsible for both versions had been reassigned to the PS3 and Xbox 360 iterations of the hockey game.

When Blend Games contacted EA Canada, a spokesperson confirmed the news. "We will not be developing NHL 10 for PC and PS2 this year due to the current economic climate and the continuing decline in the sports PC market. We are going to focus on making the best possible NHL experience for the PS3 and Xbox 360."

It's been a rough year for PC sports gamers. Last spring, EA revealed that there would be no PC version of Madden NFL 09. EA Sports prez Peter Moore said at the time that the company would be exploring ways to revitalize the genre on the PC in the future.