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It’s time for Blend Games to shock the world and let you know that EA plans to make some games in the future. I can see that you’re flabbergasted, and thankful that someone was here to let you in on the most revolutionary secret in all of gaming. I’ll wait for you to pick your jaw up off the floor and clean up the piddle you just made. In a recent EA analyst report it was revealed that we’d see more Burnout and skate in the near future, and those series would be getting some extra special in 2009. Considering Burnout Paradise has just defined a new racing platform I’m interested to see what this could be.

In semi-cool news Pandemic is working on a new Lord of the Rings game, but nothing is known about it. Is this The White Council being brought back to life in a new form, or something completely new? Personally I’ll take another hack n slash Rings game.

Of course there was news on the other developer acquisition, with BioWare revealing they are also making games. Games like more Mass Effect, some Dragon Age and the oft talked about MMO with no name. What is interesting is there was word BioWare is involved in a new Knights of the Old Republic game. No details are given, as analyst reports are often dry in their content. But it sounds like the MMO is not going to be based on KOTOR. Or it is. Damn, nothing has changed on the MMO rumor front. I am a stupid, frail, non-compartmentalized meatbag after all.

EA also revealed plans for the Sim brand in the coming year. After raking in $100 million in sales on the Wii and DS versions of MySims the franchise is expanding. No details were given but MySims Kingdom and MySims Party are both on the way. A SimCity Creator and SimAnimals are both planned as well.