Mankind left Earth 1,000 years ago and, since then, the planet’s animal inhabitants have grown into perfect killing machines. In the After Earth game for iOS and Android, you must explore this unfamiliar, dangerous landscape and, well, beat the crap out of any indigenous species you happen to come across, which is basically the staple of any game where you take control of a hero in a foreign land where something tries to bite, nibble or eat you for breakfast.

Now available on iOS and Android, the After Earth game brings the action of the recent movie to the palm of your hands, putting the player in the role of a highly skilled Ranger who must explore vast lands and take out threats both animal and human in nature. The Lifesuit and Cutlass weapon make the transition from the film to the game, allowing players to explore the planet just like The Fresh Prince and his son in the movie tie-in.

And just because the movie wasn’t amazingly well received doesn’t mean that the game should just be written off without a second glance. Coming from Reliance Games, Sony Pictures Consumer Products, Overbrook Entertainment and Behavior Interactive, the After Earth mobile game includes a story mode with 20 missions, secret levels and a brand new story inspired by the film. The only thing that game may or may not have is an M. Night-style twist to really round out the total experience.

There’s also an Infinite Mode available, giving players the chance to venture as far into the world as possible as threats grow bigger and bigger. There are even massive boss battles to turn the challenge up to 11 for this endless runner/action game.

To try out After Earth on mobile, visit iTunes or the Google Play Store.

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