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Another week means another batch of digital games available through the Nintendo eShop and, this week, those offerings included a beloved classic, a bunch of tiny blue creatures, a hair-tastic genie and more.

Yesterday was a pretty big deal for lovers of classic games as a pair of old-school favorites made their way to the Nintendo eShop. First up, and possibly the most requested game since the Virtual Console first arrived on the original Wii, is the SNES legend, EarthBound. While EarthBound plays like a standard turn-based RPG, it's the subject matter and sharp wit that make it so memorable. The player takes on the roll of Ness, a young boy who, along with his trusty pooch and goofy friends, must stop an alien invasion from destroying Earth. The humor is very tongue-in-cheek, the writing is hilarious and the world is downright lovely. For Smash Bros fans who have always wondered where that kid with the bat and yo-yo comes from, consider EarthBound your history lesson. It's $9.99 and available exclusively on the Wii U eShop.

Another classic, this time in the portable market, arrived on the store yesterday, too. It's called Shantae, one of the last great games for the Game Boy Color. Pirates are attacking the island of Scuttle and it's up to Shantae to save the day, utilizing dance moves, transformation and whip-like hair attacks that would make Bayonetta jealous. For $4.99 on the 3DS virtual console, Shantae is available right now.

If you're into movie tie-ins to sequels that may or may not deserve to exist in the first place, then perhaps you'd be interested in The Smurfs 2 for the Wii U. When Gargamel kidnapps Smurfette, it's up to Papa Smurf and the rest of the game to journey to Paris and get her back.

Also officially announced yesterday, Attack of the Friday Monsters: A Tokyo Tale is now available for $7.99 on the 3DS eShop. For those looking for a short but sweet slice-of-life game with a heavy emphasis on story rather than action, this may be just the ticket. In the outskirts of Tokyo, giant monsters randomly appear every Friday, do battle, then disappear in similar fashion. As young Sohta, your job is to explore the town, play a card game with friends and hopefully uncover the truth about the monsters, as well as several other mysteries going on around town.

Robot Rescue 3D and Undead Bowling will also be available in the 3DS eShop this week, as well as a new demo version for The Denpa Men 2: Beyond the Waves, allowing you to catch the Denpa Men using augmented reality before forming them into a party and going on a quest to save the hero's family.

Finally, if nothing new has caught your eye this week, then maybe something old will do the trick. Physics-based puzzle/exploration game, Puddle is receiving a discount on the Wii U eShop this week, discounted down to $4.49 through Aug. 1. If you think you have what it takes to guide liquid through devious obstacle courses, now's your chance to test those skills on the cheap.

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