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Editorial: Medal Of Honor Looks More Badass Than Call Of Duty Black Ops

In an industry where most people are always afraid to say what’s on their mind and too skeptical to blurt out what everyone is already thinking, it’s time someone just told it like it was; Medal of Honor looks more badass than Call of Duty: Black Ops. With the current season prompting for huge game releases, it only seems fitting to point out the obvious, simply because some gamers may be left questioning…"which game looks more badass?"

First and foremost, the lead characters in both games almost seem interchangeable for the most part, but let’s continue to be honest…those bush-whacking, beard-wearing, bandanna-toting badasses from Medal of Honor are just that, and one glance says it all. When you look across the room to the other side of the spectrum where Call of Duty: Black Ops resides, you see…well…you kind of see the same thing just without all the badassery attached to it. The lead protagonist is still sporting a scruffy beard (mind you, no where near as dangerous as the Tier 1 ops from Medal of Honor) and bandannas still seem to be in season, but there’s just some lacking panache with the Black Ops crew.

Let’s also take into account that just about all things in relation to the promotion of Medal of Honor has the whole “Tier 1” attached to it. I don’t know about anyone else but that alone kicks butt. Tack on the “Operatives” and it just sounds deadly. Of course, black ops has always been a favored term to use for those oh-so-secretive missions of the highest priority…giving people the impression that anyone involved with a black operation must kick a lot of butt. The problem is that this time around it just feels gimmicky and far less authentic than the group representing Tier 1. And besides, they’re called “Tier 1 Operatives”…yeah…badass.

You could also look at it from this perspective: if you were in prison who would you fear most if you accidentally dropped the soap? The guy with douche bag hair and a short beard that looks like he came from Moe's Wanna-Be-a-Tough Guy barber shop, or the guy who looks like he mops up his victim’s blood with his facial hair? Yeah, the guy with the two-foot long chin forest would probably be the guy you hope your soap doesn’t slide toward.

Anyway, while both games have some truly mesmerizing trailers, interesting sounding plots (as if those matter, pfft) and lots of loud sounding guns, in the end the only thing that really matters is if the guy on the cover is as badass in the game as he looks on the box and something tells me Medal of Honor will deliver a little bit more in that category than Call of Duty: Black Ops.

For further discussion, you can check out two truly amped up trailers for both games below. Enjoy.

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