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If you've been keeping track of Elder Scrolls Online you might remember that the game was delayed for the Xbox One and PS4. The delay has allowed Zenimax Online, a subsidiary of Zenimax, to focus on cleaning the game up for home consoles and optimizing the specs for the highest performance afforded for the eighth-gen machines.

One of the big topics during this generation of gaming is specs – are games going to run at 1080p and 60fps? Will games be relegated to 720p and 30fps? Which games will rise to the occasion of eighth-gen gaming and which ones will fail?

Well, Worlds Factory managed to squeeze in two very important questions into a recent Reddit AMA held on behalf of the team at Zenimax Online working on the Elder Scrolls Online for home consoles.

Worlds Factory asked about the game's resolution and frame-rate for the new-gen consoles, to which the team responded, saying...
“For your first question, the targets are 30 fps and 1080p resolution for both platforms.”

1080p and 30fps is usually the safe bet for today's games. Not every game hits the coveted 1920 x 1080p resolution standard, but Sony and Microsoft are both gunning to get the games there when they can. Microsoft even worked with the teams at Bungie and Blizzard to ensure that Diablo III and Destiny both hit native 1080p.

The 30fps mark is a give-and-take scenario depending on the game. Most gamers would prefer if shooting games were always 60fps to coincide with the fast reaction times required. Little to no input latency combined with 60 frames per second is usually the best way to play an FPS, TPS or fighting game.

30fps for an MMO or an RPG can warrant some leniency. It's not as if you need the fastest hands in the world for an MMO, especially a targeting-based MMO.

Worlds Factory also asked about whether or not PC gamers would be able to benefit from using controllers in the UI menus. The Zenimax team also answered this question, too. They stated...
“For your second question, we’re definitely looking to add controller support to the PC game (including the same UI as console), but that won’t be available until after console launch.”

This is actually good news because I prefer playing MMOs with controllers. It feels less cumbersome.

These new and updated features also come along with the game's new pricing model. The studio is abandoning the monthly subscription model and will be adopting a buy-it-once setup for gamers. This should make the game a lot more appealing to fence-sitters and those who may not have been entirely inclined to try the game out due to the monthly sub.

We've seen a lot of big MMOs go from monthly subscriptions to either pay-once models or free-to-play models. I wouldn't doubt that we'll see microtransactions and cash shops pop up a bit more for Elder Scrolls Online to compensate for the change in payment model.

The new payment model will be lifted on PC and Mac this March, where-as the game is scheduled to launch on the PS4 and Xbox One on June 9th, later this year.

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