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Instead of having developers talk through the trailer explaining how they managed to get the concept art of the game and turn it into an actual game, the new trailer for Skyrim is just a series of concept art photos and a fly through of how they were designed to look in the game.

The expansive environments and visuals of Skyrim are really impeccable. I’m shocked that they’ll be able to fit this game on a single DVD on the Xbox 360. It seems uncanny that most other games with huge worlds are on multiple DVDs these days. Still, hats off to Bethesda for squeezing what looks like it should be a 20gig game down to a 6gig DVD. I just hope the game doesn’t suffer from overly compressed textures like BioShock and RAGE.

You have to admit, the game looks gorgeous. Again, the 6gig thing does have me worried, given that it’s only a fraction of the size of other games such as Saints Row, GTA IV and Mass Effect. Maybe Skyrim doesn’t have half as much talking? If that’s the case, I’m down with that.

You can learn more about Skyrim or pre-order the game by visiting the Official Website. The game is set for release on a couple days after Modern Warfare 3 drops, starting November 11th for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.