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Skyrim will continue one of the proud traditions of the Elder Scrolls series. Players will once again have the option to turn into a vampire.

While playing Skyrim, you'll encounter vampires and may get infected by one of them. While you could choose to get it treated, you could also let the disease turn you into a creature of the night. As Todd Howard says in the G4 interview below, it's a "whole other mode" for the game.

Howard mentions there are various levels of being a vampire. In Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, there were four stages of vampirism. At the first stage, you took no damage from the sun and NPC's wouldn't notice you're a vampire. However, you receive only modest ability boosts at this stage. For each day you go without feeding on a person's blood, you'll proceed to the next level of vampirism. Your ability bonuses will improve and you'll get special powers but you'll also become more undead in appearance. By the fourth stage, most NPC's will refuse to talk to you. Skyrim's vampirism probably works similarly.

Skyrim is due on November 11th on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.