Long running news and enthusiasts media site, Electronic Theatre, has undergone some digital surgery and came out of the old, analog shell and emerged as a brand new butterfly for the digital age of news consumption. The new site redesign comes with new content, new features and a few old favorites that are being refitted to comply with today's information-hungry gamer.

Electronic Theatre has been around since 2003 and they've steadily built up an honest and loyal audience covering gaming news on a regular beat, giving sites like VG 24/7 and Shacknews a real run for their money.

As mentioned in the press release...
The launch of the new Electronic Theatre will be accompanied by plenty of new content, from competitions to the exclusive Industry Blogs; regular columns from journalists and industry representatives from all corners of the industry. These Industry Blogs begin today with new series from Rising Star Games’ Yen Hau and freelance writer Alex Lemcovich. Yen will offer a unique perspective on the addictive world of MMO gaming while Alex offers his opinion of some of the biggest advances videogames have made in recent times.

The industry insight posts will help provide readers with a lot gamers looking to learn a little bit about the way video games work without having to do a lot of extensive reading up on the subject matter.

The new site design for Electronic Theatre is currently up and available for public viewing at this very moment, including the latest previews, reviews and news items as they pour out of the media circuits and game play sessions up to the minute.

You can check out the new site right now by visiting Electronic Theatre.

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