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EndWar 2 In Development

Ubisoft creative director Michael De Plater revealed today that a sequel to voice-activated real-time strategy Tom Clancy's EndWar is on the way. Ubisoft Shanghai, the studio that created the original, will be developing the second game as well but with a smaller team.

De Plater told Videogamer that EndWar 2 (or whatever it's called) will improve upon two of the weaker areas of its predecessor: the storyline and gameplay depth. “You compare[EndWar] to World in Conflict, or Company of Heroes, where they invest a lot in the storytelling, there’s no mysteries about how we could do that and apply it in the game, it’s just something we didn’t give attention to."

"Changing the way the combat chain works, the paper, scissors, rock, and adding the differentiation between the three factions, again it’s not something that’s even necessarily hard to do; it’s something that we chose not to do with the accessibility."

He added that the original EndWar gives them a good foundation for a sequel. "After the first one, now we have a really good understanding of what to do, and we’ve solved lots of the hardest problems, which are accessibility, camera, controls, rendering that many characters, having that game work in 3D, our online as well, having persistent campaigns, having persistent player armies, so we’ve kind of done the hard stuff."

He declined to reveal a release date. Ubisoft hasn't made a peep about the game so we can safely assume it's not coming out this year.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.