Tango Gameworks and Bethesda Soft have gone out on a limb with The Evil Within, showcasing a truly horrifying game where it's not all just about pop-out moments and ridiculous scares, but the game is steeped heavy in horror-themed atmosphere and basks greatly in all the moments of terror and fright that our imagination can conjure up.

Bethesda let the new trailer fly loose just ahead of the kickoff of the 2013 Tokyo Game Show in a few days. Lead designer Shinji Mikami is headlining the game like a famous director, and Bethesda is smart for doing so given Mikami's pedigree with making classic horror-survival titles. In fact, as the trailer mentions, he is the father of the horror-survival genre in the realm of interactive entertainment, introducing gamers to classics such as Resident Evil and Dino Crisis.

Much like the other superstars that helped build Capcom into the fame they relish in today, Mikami departed ways from the company and decided to pursue his own path, just like Hideki Kamiya and Keiji Inafune, both of which have gone on to establish fame and potential fortune with their own endeavors.

With The Evil Within, Mikami has set out to bring the horror-survival genre back to its roots – back to what made it famous to begin with. The idea of isolation and journeying through the unknown makes up for a large part of the game, along with having limited forms of ammunition and resources to force players into a slightly more realistic form of survival and, subsequently a feeling of desperation.

In a way, the survival-horror genre has evaporated at the hands of the third-person action genre, thanks to games like Gears of War pushing the genre away from survival and more-towards kill counts and skill-based headshots. This basically caused some series like Silent Hill or Resident Evil to stray from their roots and instead of evolving based on what made them famous, games like Resident Evil 6 went mostly full-on blockbuster Hollywood action film and the fan feedback was quite negative, along with the sales.

Mikami is hoping to rekindle what has been lost lately with the survival-horror genre by recreating the old concepts for a new generation, which is why The Evil Within is a cross-gen title for the current gen systems as well as for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

I'm sure more information will be made available for The Evil Within when the Tokyo Game Show gets underway later this week. For more information feel free to visit the Official Website.

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