Next week, Sony is expected to announce the next PlayStation at a special press event. They're hyping this event with a series of videos called "Evolution of PlayStation." The first video is called "The Beginning" and focuses on the PSOne.

The PSOne was Sony's first gaming console. The CD-based console launched in 1994 in Japan and spread to the rest of the world the next year. The PSOne's high-quality 3D graphics and its strong software lineup (Crash Bandicoot, Ridge Racer, etc.) allowed it to challenge Sega and Nintendo's latest systems for dominance. By the end of the generation, the PSOne was the best-selling console.

The DualShock controller is mentioned in passing in the video as well. The controller, featuring dual analog sticks and vibration feedback, debuted in 1997. The DualShock (and its later versions) became the standard gamepad for the PSOne, PS2 and PS3. It's interesting that Sony would mention DualShock in the video, considering the rumors that the PS4 will have radically different gamepad. Maybe they're going to bill this controller as the next evolution of the DualShock.

Sony's "See The Future" event will occur on February 20th. I imagine we'll see videos highlighting the PS2 and PS3's history between now and then.

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