It looks like visitors to E3 really enjoyed 2K and Turtle Rock Studios' upcoming 4v1 shooter, Evolve, as the game managed to rake in a ridiculous amount of awards during the big show held this past June. And among the 50-plus individual honors gathered during the show, it looks like Evolve walked away with the E3 2014 Game Critics Award for “Best of Show,” too. I'm not a betting man, but I'd say it's pretty safe to assume at this point that this next-gen shooter is going to be kind of big.

That's appropriate, considering the size of some of the baddies Evolve has to offer. Towering over the audience during this year's E3 show was a to-scale representation of one of the beasts, looming a good 30-odd feet over everybody's heads. It helped put the game and its challenges into perspective, as players will join in teams of four humans on a quest to topple a fifth human, but this one will be controlling the ever-evolving monsters.

Headed to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on Oct. 21, Evolve's monster-heavy gameplay will be just in time for the Halloween holiday, inviting players to either strategize as a team or get downright devious as a hulking baddie.

“We would like to thank the press around the world for their warm and enthusiastic response to Evolve at E3 2014,” said Turtle Rock Studios' Chris Ashton. “We are encouraged and humbled to see that critics are realizing what we've known for a long time: that Evolve is a special experience unlike anything that we've ever played before.”

This past June, Evolve won a ridiculously large number of awards from various magazines, websites, etc. From best multiplayer game to best shooter, it looks like the game is turning more than a few heads. At the top of those accolades are a collection of honors from the E3 2014 Game Critics Awards collection, including the Best of Show nod we mentioned earlier, as well as Best Console Game, Best Action Game and Best Shooter.

Evolve continues to solidify its position as one of the most anticipated games of the year,” said 2K President Christoph Hartmann. “The accolades for Evolve highlight the excitement and desire for new IP on next-gen systems, and we are poised to deliver what we believe will be the defining next-gen experience in 2014.”

That is, of course, assuming that the game's October launch date doesn't “evolve” before we get there. It's not uncommon to see these bigger games get a slight bump back to allow for more polish but, judging by how well the game showed at E3, it doesn't sound like the team has too much left to bolt down. For additional details and the latest updates, stay tuned to Evolve's official website.

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