Starting today Xbox 360 gamers can try out Codemasters' upcoming kart racing game F1 Race Stars. The game's demo has arrived on Xbox Live and will hit other platforms soon.

In the demo, players will be able to try out the F1 Race Stars Germany Track. They can do so alone or with up to three other players via split-screen. This track features a Bavarian castle, forest and an autobahn. What, no beer festival?

Like other kart racing games, Race Stars lets players grab power-ups to get an edge. You can slow opponents with rain or trap them with bubbles. Codemasters has also tried to balance out these arcade elements with some authentic F1 elements, like a pit lane to repair players' cars. Players can take on the role of real F1 racers, in addition to fictional characters.

PC and European PS3 gamers will be able to check out this demo on November 7th. PS3 gamers in North America will have to wait until November 13th. The full version of the game will arrive in stores on the 16th.

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