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FDSL Tech Allows Gamers To Trade-In Used Digital Games

I'm betting Valve, EA, GameStop and every other digital distribution service operator is shaking in their boots right about now, as GDC Game has announced that their technology to allow for digital trade-ins is currently available for digital service providers to put to use.

Digital video game trade-ins has been ruled as a viable consumer option for gamers over in countries and states located within the European Union by the supreme court. Nils Herrnberger CEO of the GDC Game and Download Company AG commented in the press release about the FDSL technology from his company, saying...

"We are proud to announce that we can offer the full range of exploitation options to gamers and games publishers by means of our unique FDSL technology. Games download portals will benefit from our technology as well. The fact that up to today no other company announced its capability in fulfilling this EU norm reveals that the FDSL technology is trend-setting and pioneering.”

Herrnberger goes on to say that they will be meeting with publishers and digital distribution portal operators at GamesCom, which is currently taking place this week. I'm wondering how many publishers will jump on the offer to use GDC Game's FDSL technology? The EU court ruling makes it mandatory that digital services will have to make use of facilitation to allow for trade-ins lest legal action become par the course. I imagine this is what cued Valve to amend the terms of service for Steam.

I have no idea exactly how the used digital trade-in market will work (who sets the price of the used digital game and how does diminishing value work for a digital game?) but if the FDSL tech can make it a reality and make it convenient then I'm all for that.

We'll keep you posted on if or when the FDSL technology gets put into place, but for now you can learn more about GDC Game and Download Company AG by visiting the Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.