Square Enix continued its efforts to reintroduce Final Fantasy XIV to the public today with a new trailer. This trailer, dubbed "Limit Break," shows off a new combat feature for the revamped MMORPG.

This new Limit Break feature is somewhat similar to that of Final Fantasy 7. A party of players has a shared Limited Break gauge that will be filled over the course of battle. When filled, the party will be able to pull off unusually powerful attacks. The video below shows a dragon learning about this feature the hard way.

Square Enix opted to relaunch Final Fantasy XIV after the initial version of the game received poor reviews. The revised version, dubbed Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, will introduce many desired changes to the MMO. A new graphics engine and reworked interface are among the improvements promised.

A Realm Reborn will launch either later this year or early next year. The game's only been available for the PC at this point but the long-awaited PS3 edition will be available at the same time as the re-launch.

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