Fake Sony VP Kevin Butler Returns With A Flaming Crossbow

Sony is bringing back Kevin Butler, everyone's favorite fake PlayStation exec. Butler is starring in a new PlayStation ad campaign entitled "Long Live Play."

The video starts with Butler in the midst of a four-day retirement from Sony. He's now working for Economy Flooring, a leading carpet company. However, he's soon called back into action by Sony Computer Entertainment of America head Jack Tretton. Butler makes a dramatic return involving a jetski, tear-away clothing, and a crossbow.

I wasn't a huge fan of previous Kevin Butler ads - they were okay but a lot less hilarious than fan sites made them out to be. I have to admit this ad was pretty funny, though. Butler's hiatus gave the advertising folks some time to think up some fresh gags.

"We are committed to the continued expansion of the types of services and content that have made the PlayStation name synonymous with interactive entertainment and hope that through the 'Long Live Play' campaign our dedication to you, the PlayStation fans, truly shines through," said Scott Steinberg, VP of Product Marketing at Sony, on the PlayStation.Blog.

So, what do you think of "Long Live Play"? Is it a better motto than "It Only Does Everything"?

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.