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Bethesda finally announced Fallout 4 this morning for PS4, Xbox One and PC. They officially revealed the game with a trailer loaded with in-game footage.
The trailer begins with a dog - who looks a lot like Dogmeat - nosing around in an abandoned home, which flickers back and forth between its pre-apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic state. We then hear a radio broadcast of the day the nuclear attacks begin.
With the world poised on the brink of war, Vault-Tec is reporting a record number. Folks, it seems...we've, we've got some breaking news. We seem to have lost contact with our affiliate stations, standby.

We do, we do have coming in confirmed reports of nuclear detonation. My god. Our soldiers were right...

War, war never changes.

Yes, that's Ron Perlman's voice on the radio. Contrary to what he said in the past, Bethesda brought him back for Fallout 4. He admitted over Twitter that keeping his role under wraps wasn't easy:
The dog then runs down the streets of the post-apocalyptic suburbs. We see flashbacks to the day of the nuclear apocalypse, with families scrambling to get to Vault 111 at the top of a nearby hill.

The player appears to be one of these townspeople. There's a shot of him ascending to the surface to look out over the wasteland. We then see various scenes from post-apolyptia. A Deathclaw walking near an abandoned playground. A Brahmin carrying supplies. An old sailboat outfitted with futuristic engines.

Maybe the most telling shot, though, was of a zeppelin flying above a city. The Paul Revere statue is in the foreground. It seems the rumors of a Boston setting were true.

The end of the trailer loops back to the dog. He comes across a gas station where a suit of power armor is being outfitted. He then finds the player character, clad in his Vault gear and wielding a shotgun.

"Let's go pal," the Vault Dweller says and the two walk off into the wasteland.

Bethesda promises additional Fallout 4 details at their E3 press conference in a couple weeks. Perhaps they'll share a release date during that event as well. In the meantime, they've opened up pre-orders for the game.

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