Fallout 4 Won't Feature Ron Perlman?

Every game in the main Fallout series featured an opening voiceover from Hellboy and Sons of Anarchy voice actor Ron Perlman. That tradition might end with Fallout 4, though.

"Don't have any video games on the horizon right now," Perlman said during a Reddit AmA this weekend.

This fits with information from a report last year. Leaked cast documents suggested that the opening monologue is being delivered by the player character, a young man that wakes up from a cryogenic sleep at the outset of the game.

Perlman's narrator character never appeared in the Fallout games. It's not clear whether he's actually supposed to be a real person within the Fallout universe or not. It's possible that the player character is just a younger version of that same person. Either way, Perlman probably wouldn't be used for the role. His gravelly voice doesn't really fit a bright-eyed young'n who just woke up from a cryo sleep.

There's always the possibility, though, that Perlman really is in the game. Maybe he already recorded his part of Fallout 4, making his statement that he doesn't have any game work "on the horizon" technically true. If he is in the game, his contract probably restricts him from speaking about it. Bethesda wouldn't be able to keep the game under wraps for this long if voice actors could just blab about it freely.

Sorting out truth from fiction is a constant challenge with Fallout 4. The game hasn't been officially announced yet so the only information we have on the game is questionable at best. The leaked cast documents were the most legitimate evidence we've seen to date. The only other details come from a Reddit rumor and a vague tease by a Fallout 3 voice actor.

This vacuum of information has offered great opportunities for trolls. After the Fallout community was hoodwinked by a supposed teaser website, Bethesda promised to squelch false rumors more quickly in the future. That's all well and good but we'd love it if they shared some real details on the game too.

Perlman's statement that he doesn't have any video games on the horizon also suggests that he's not in the upcoming Sons of Anarchy game. The SoA game is said to be a first-person action experience but that's all we know so far. No plot details have been released yet.

If Perlman's not involved with the game, then the plot probably won't feature Clay Morrow, his character from the show. That would mean it's not a direct adaptation of the show's events but rather a brand-new story. Maybe the game centers on a different chapter of the motorcycle club? The Sons have dozens of chapters, many of which we've never seen before.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.