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Ubisoft has unleashed a new collection of screenshots from open-world shooter Far Cry 3. They demonstrate the diverse activities you can engage in while traveling through the game's tropical islands.

Most of the time, players will be shooting mercenaries in their stupid faces. However, that's not all they can do. They can also grab a bow and arrow and hunt a jaguar. Alternately, you can play a hand of cards with the locals...and then probably shoot them. Lotta killing around these parts.

It's not clear whether hunting or card game are full-fledged side activities in the game. Yes, you can do these things but will they get you any tangible rewards? Far Cry 2 was crammed with a lot of simple, optional missions so FC3 will probably uphold that tradition.

I'm happy that they included predatory animals this time around. FC2's wilderness only had herbivores. This time around, you'll have to watch your batch every time you head into the jungle. Random animal attacks should give the game an extra dash of adventure.

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