Ubisoft's latest trailer for Far Cry 3 is entitled "Tactics, weapons and skills." It focuses on the ways that the player will wage war on the Rook Islands.

At the start of the game, the Rook Islands are held by hostile warlords. However, you will slowly liberate these areas. First, you climb to the top of radio towers and take control of them in order to get the lay of the land. Then, you can clear enemy outposts and allow friendly rebels to reclaim them. This will unlock fast travel as well as new quests.

The game gives players a lot of leeway in deciding how to approach missions. They'll have a variety of land, sea and air vehicles at their disposal. Weapons can be upgraded and modified to suit their playstyle as well.

Different playstyles are represented by tattoos. For example, the spider tattoo is indicative of stealthy play. As you level up and your skills progress, you gain new tattoos appropriate to your abilities.

Far Cry 3 launches in Europe and Australia on November 29th. The UK will receive it on the 30th. North American stores will begin selling it on December 4th.

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