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Far Cry 4 Team Reveals Pagan Min Trailer, Alternate Settings

Some new media and info surrounding Far Cry 4 popped up on the interwebs this weekend, including a video introduction to the self-proclaimed king of the Kyrat, Pagan Min, and new details concerning a pair of completely different settings that were originally considered for the game.

It's probably safe to say that one of the biggest lessons Ubisoft took away from Far Cry 3 was that players adore a well-crafted villain. True, that game's psychotic Vaas didn't get as much screen time as some of us were likely hoping, but from pre-game media to a handful of in-game cutscenes, Vaas managed to easily outshine the cut and dry, paper thin baddies that typically pop up in video games, especially shooters.

Based on the new trailer giving Far Cry 4's Pagan Min a bit of face time, it looks like we're in store for yet another top-notch criminal to take down, this time in a lush Himalayan setting. From his eye-catching suit to that refined English accent, Min looks to be one of those villains who actually has a story to tell and, most importantly for creating any Big Bad, he truly believes himself to be the hero of said story.

Now that introductions are out of the way, let's take a moment to discuss that dangerous mountain range you'll be calling home in Far Cry 4. According to a recent article from Eurogamer, it looks like two other settings were originally being considered for this next big, open world FPS adventure, including South America and Russia.

According to Senior Level Designer Vincent Ouellette, however, the crew quickly settled on the Himalayas as their ideal setting for this story. But now that they've planted that seed in my head, it's hard not to wonder what a Far Cry game within those settings might look like. I'm especially intrigued by the idea of this type of game in Russia, which would be more far removed from the desert and tropical settings Far Cry has visited thus far.

Given how well Pagan Min fits the current setting, I'd be interested to know what type of antagonists Ubisoft was considering for those other settings, or if that had even become a part of the conversation yet.

Due to release Nov. 18, Far Cry 4 looks to be shaping up quite nicely. Plus, who isn't excited to ride around on weaponized elephants, unleash angry tigers on their enemies and leap off of a cliff knowing that you have a wing suit ready to glide you away to safety...Well, as “safe” as you can be in a game like Far Cry 4.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.