There are still plenty of videos and promotional content coming out of Cologne, Germany from the past week's GamesCom event. In addition to Ubisoft recently releasing the trailer about the various sections of Kyrat, a new gameplay video has surfaced for Far Cry 4 featuring actual play through by a real gamer... not a very good gamer, but a real gamer nonetheless.

The video was posted on YouTube by Frank Sirius and features 9 full minutes of gameplay. Things kick off with the mystical Shangra-La, the fantastical floating islands in Kyrat. The player uses a bit of stealth to pick off enemies using the bow and arrow combination while also directing the tiger companion to take down some of the foes from afar. It all looks very by-the-books and anyone who played Far Cry 3 or Blood Dragon will be right at home with Far Cry 4.

Things then switch over to the Himalayan mountains where the player attempts to infiltrate an enemy compound. Things don't go over so well and it all falls to pieces. The player gets peppered with plenty of gun fire while he has a perplexing weapon-selection crisis and can't seem to decide on whether he wants a mid-sized SMG, a small SMG or to use the crossbow. Before the indecisiveness becomes infectious, the video wisely switches to another bit of gameplay.

One of the odd things that the player does is snap a photograph of a dead body. I'm not really sure what the point is of the camera, but I imagine it may play a part in some side-objectives throughout the game.

Another thing worth noting before continuing – in the previous article I wondered whether or not the altitude of the Himalayas would affect the wingsuit portion of the game, and it does. We get to see how the stability of the suit is both stiffer and less stable at such a high altitude. It's a pretty cool feature actually.

Anyway, the action then moves to Ratu Gahdi, where another enemy compound is besieged by the player as he barrels through the gates on an elephant. However, things don't turn out so well and whoever is playing does a piss-poor job of fending himself off from the attacks, barely being able to take down enemies while constantly using up all his health vials while being flanked by one or two guys. It's a pretty pathetic lack of skill on the end of the player, but at least we know that the footage is honest and it's not showcasing any lies or misrepresentations of the game.

Far Cry 4 is due for release this fall as a cross-generational game on seventh gen and eighth gen platforms, as well as for PC.

You can learn more about Far Cry 4 by visiting the official website.

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