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Tecmo Koei is finally doing what third-party publishers should be doing to bolster the appeal of the Wii U: they're creating strong brand appeal for a Wii U game while exploring additional market expansion for the property. It's just common sense.

Gematsu picked up word from Famitsu that the beloved but underrated Fatal Frame is getting a new entry for release on the Wii U.

The game is a horror adventure title that will bring plenty of frills and thrills to the table for those looking for it, and given that this is planned to be a Wii U exclusive, we can expect that Tecmo Koei will make good on the Wii U's “secret sauce”.

Tecmo Koei has announced the game in conjunction with Nintendo, making the joint efforts by the duo extend beyond the upcoming Dynasty Warriors-style action game that Tecmo Koei is working on called Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Warriors.

There's also a movie supposedly in the works that's set for release this fall, starring two models from the Seventeen magazine I've never heard of. If you follow teeny-bopper news both Ayami Nakajo and Aoi Morikawa might sound familiar to you. Of course, there's always Google... or if you're feeling frisky... Bing.

Now for those of you worried that the movie might be a fail, take note that director Mari Asato is at the helm of the project, a renown director for other horror movies such as the Chasing World series and Ring of Curse. She doesn't have Christopher Nolan-style films under her belt, but she's certainly got better scoring movies than Uwe Boll.

Tecmo isn't done, though. The company also plans to turn Fatal Frame into a media force to be reckoned with, as a new novel is being planned for release along with a visual comic book. They're going all in on this thing, eh? Fatal Frame for Koei has kind of turned into what The Hunger Games is for Lionsgate.

This kind of brand expansion comes at a pretty good time to really help feed the Wii U some notable titles to help keep the system moving off store shelves. All it needs is a good smattering of software titles here and there to keep interest moving along. Even with nothing really big launching in March the Wii U still managed to move 70,000 SKUs, as reported on Player Essence.

With titles that challenge the status quo and a nice helping of console-marketing by Nintendo, games like Fatal Frame could help push the Wii U out of the sales inanition that it suffered from throughout the first two and a half quarters of 2013.

Of course, it will take a lot more than an esoteric horror game to position the Wii U against the sales juggernaut that is the PS4, but a good, strong mixture of niche titles set against more widely known first and second-party properties (such as Hyrule Warriors) could really help the Wii U get closer to regaining the crown as the eighth gen leader.