Given Link's androgynous nature and soft qualities, it's not surprising that he looks more realized when cosplayed by a female than by a male. So it's also no surprise that Freddy Wong took that concept and ran with it by joining forces with YouTube music star Lindsey Sterling, with a brand new pot-smashing video.

For those who don't know, Sterling is also a pretty big Legend of Zelda fan and she's dressed up as the Linkster on more than one occasion. Unfortunately, she doesn't bang out any fancy violin beats in this video but she does unleash some powerful and classic attacks from the long-running and highly popular franchise. Check it out below.

The guard who took one too many arrows to the knee and couldn't adventure anymore was probably the best part about the video. The “Oh no, don't make me crap in my pants again” look was simply priceless and Sterling really aced the sort of cheerful charm of a childish Link (later on he gets some real attitude problems and his brow is always furrowed).

You can check out more of Freddie W's videos on his YouTube channel as well as more vids from Lindsey Sterling on her YouTube channel, or it might be quicker just to copy and paste their names into your web browser's search bar and let it do the rest. There's no new Zelda games worth mentioning that this video promotes but it at least keeps the white-tights, green-dress wearing elf-man in the media spotlight just a while longer.

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