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Two new trailers were released for EA Sports’ first foray into the ’M’ rated gaming territory, with Fight Night Champion. The two trailers feature Andre Bishop giving some speeches about heart, fighting, falling down, getting knocked out and what it really takes to be a champion.

Already, I’m definitely liking what Fight Night Champion is aiming to accomplish. It’s sort of like the boxing version of WWE Smackdown vs Raw’s Road to Wrestlemania mode. I’m glad they’re finally taking this route with other sporting games, allowing players to sort of live their life outside of the ring with some tough decision making that will make or break a career.

You can check out the two new trailers for the game below, or visit the Official Website to learn more about Fight Night Champion. Gamers can look for this mature boxing title to land on store shelves in March, 2011 for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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