Final Character List For Spider-man: Friend Or Foe has the story of all the finalized characters for Activision's upcoming Marvel Comic book super hero action platform game, Spider-man: Friend or Foe. The game is coming out this week, October 2nd.

Some characters will only be playable on certain console versions of the game, and others are available on all the system versions. The game is being released on XBOX 360, The Nintendo Wii, PS2, PSP, PC, and the Nintendo DS.

Here's the line-up:

  • Spider-Man

  • Green Goblin

  • Doc Ock

  • Sandman

  • Venom

  • Scorpion

  • Rhino

  • Lizard

  • New Goblin

  • Iron Fist

  • Black Cat

  • Silver Sable

  • Prowler

  • Blade

  • Black Suit Spider-man

  • Electro

  • Carnage

According to the article, Elector and Carnage are exclusive characters to the PSP version. Also, not all the characters will be playable in all the versions of the game. Some characters like Silver Sable and Black are only accessible in the 360 and PS2 versions of the game.

Honestly, I'm a tad disappointed with this line-up. While I'm totally stoked about being able to play as characters like Doc Ock, Iron Fist, and The Prowler (was he in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance?) in a video game for the first time, I was expecting a little more character depth. And c'mon, who didn't want to do a Spider-man/Wolverine only team-up in this game?

The game looks like it will at least be fun to play, but one of the great things about Marvel: Ultimate Alliance was the sheer amount of characters from the Marvel Universe you could play as, many for the first time in a game. Still getting to play as Iron Fist in this game is totally awesome.

I've heard rumors about some bonus unlockable characters appearing on the next gen console versions of the game. If there's any truth to that I wonder who it could be. I'd at least hope for Cap, Wolverine, and Iron Man. Especially after the events of Civil War.