Now that we know Lightning is going to strike for a third time in the Final Fantasy universe, it’s time to make doubly sure we’ve bled FF XIII-2 of every possible scrap of content in preparation for the third, and presumably final, trip to the magically high tech world of Cocoon. That means it’s time to stock up on DLC and, this week, you can do so on the cheap.

I know the mere mention of anything related to Final Fantasy XIII often receives a series of hisses from long-time series fans but, believe it or not, Lightening and her pals have managed to amass quite the following over the 20,000 years Square Enix has been making the FFXIII games. After XIII-2 launched, the developers also managed to put together a few pieces of DLC to extend your time on Coccoon. All of that has been marked down on the PlaySTation Network and the Xbox Live Marketplace for the next seven days.

The majority of DLC is being marked down by 50 percent, including additional outfits, weapons and coliseum adversaries.

Also getting cut to half-off are the story packs, including Lightning: Requiem of the Goddss, Snow: Perpetual Battlefield, and Sazh: Heads or Tails. Each episode comes with some additional goodies and, if you complete their content, you’ll unlock each episode’s namesake as a playable character in your party.

If you want a little extra info on the individual story packs, then head on over to the official announcement post on the Square Enix blog. Otherwise, you’ve got a limited time to make your purchasing decision. Begin contemplation…now!

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