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A new gameplay video has arrived from Square Enix for Final Fantasy XV, this time featuring some Chocobo antics and a little bit of the fishing mini-game that the developers implemented into the title.

The video is five minutes long and was recently posted over on Square Enix's YouTube channel. You can check it out below.

The video was promised a few days ago by Square as part of their Tokyo Game Show media roll out. They didn't say exactly what the content would be, but now we know that it was about the game's Chocobos and fishing mini-game.

Previous to this video it was revealed that Final Fantasy XV would feature Chocobos but we didn't exactly know in what capacity. During a video demonstration we saw Noctis going to a Chocobo farm and browsing through prompts that gave the impression that you could rent the giant, yellow-feathered birds. Well, this video confirms that you indeed can rent them and apparently ride around as an alternative means of transportation.

For those of you who didn't know, Final Fantasy XV allows you to drive around in the game's world with a vehicle. However it does have maintenance to consider so for gamers who would prefer being eco-friendly and using the giant, yellow big birds as an alternative they're there for that. Plus, hearing the old theme song for the Chocobo is a nice nostalgic throwback to the fictional animal.

The video doesn't show how far the animals can be ridden, but things like sliding, dashing, jumping and racing along the road with other herds of animals within the Final Fantasy universe is entirely possible. I do wonder if there will be a race mini-game or other fetch quests centered around this particular kind of mini-game? It seems perfectly suited for such miscellaneous activity.

The second half of the video dives into the game's fishing mini-game. Final Fantasy is no stranger to fishing mini-games so seeing it added to this particular entry in the series at least certifies that the developers are working hard to ensure that there will be plenty of fluff to fill out the game's play-time and replay factors.

The fishing mini-game consists of a couple of different quick-time segments that players must complete successfully in order to capture a fish and turn it into a scrumptious meal.

Square Enix has plans on launching Final Fantasy XV in 2016 for the Xbox One and PS4. They plan on announcing the release date early next year. They've been working hard on this title since it was previously known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII so it'll be nice to see the game exit from development hell and finally launch.

You can keep an eye out for news on the game as the official release date will be unveiled next March. In the meantime just soak in the promo trailers as the long wait takes place.