The PlayStation family of consoles is no stranger to the Final Fantasy franchise. Currently, you can download the first nine titles in the storied RPG series through PSN, with the exception of the elusive Final Fantasy III. That all changes next Tuesday, Sept. 25, when the game's 3D remake finally arrives on the PlayStation Portable as a digital download.

According to Square Enix Product Manager Charles McCarter, the publisher is forgoing a physical release for Final Fantasy III and instead bringing the title directly to gamers through PSN. No need to run to the store to go on your next epic adventure. Instead, you'll be able to boot up your PSP next Tuesday following the regularly scheduled update, download the game, and get straight to questing with the Warriors of Light.

A couple of question marks still hover over the upcoming release, however. For starters, no price has yet been given. Secondly, there's no word on whether or not the game will be immediately playable on the PlayStation Vita, or if gamers on that device will have to wait for it to join the steadily (and somewhat slowly) building library of available games.

What we do know is that the PSP version of Final Fantasy III has received a lovely facelift that looks new while still maintaining a classic feel. According to the PlayStation Blog announcement, this latest version will also feature a few additional tweaks, including a widescreen presentation, an image gallery, the ability to switch to the game's original soundtrack, and an auto-battle feature that will help speed up the combat.

If you're in the market for a portable RPG, look for Final Fantasy III to hit PSN on Sept. 25.

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