If you were bummed because Final Fantasy VI didn’t quite look like the game you remember when the JRPG classic launched for Steam earlier this month, you might be excited to learn that a new mod fixes the bilinear filter that was causing so much trouble in the first place.

Originally launched on the Super Nintendo, and eventually making its way to a nice collection for the original PlayStation, one of the only ways you could easily play Final Fantasy VI in recent years was to download the mobile version of the game.

That version of the game included a bilinear filter, however, which was added to smooth out the game’s sprites and make it look a bit more modern. Square Enix apparently wasn’t banking on gamers being so nostalgic about one of the most beloved Final Fantasy games, however, as fans panned the game for its new look.

Those same fans rejoiced earlier this year when it was announced that Final Fantasy VI would be coming to Steam, but those feelings of jubilation were quickly snuffed out when it was revealed that the PC community would be getting the mobile version of the game. They’re pretty much the same title but, again, the mobile version just doesn’t look like the game used to.

Thankfully, a crafty modder has fixed the issue, introducing a new plug-in that gets rid of the problem and returns the game to something closer to its original state.

Developed by Steam community member Krisan Thyme, the Bilinear Filter Begone mod does exactly what it sounds like.

“This mod removes the annoying bilinear filter from the game,” reads the mod description. “Giving you those crisp, sharp sprites like you remember from the old days.”

So, if that’s the only thing that’s been keeping you from buying the sixth entry in the Final Fantasy series, you can now pick it up and quickly alter the graphics so they appear more old school. There’s even a small sale going on for Final Fantasy VI on Steam right now, discounting the game by 10 percent to $14.39. Okay, so that’s not a huge sale, but anything is better than nothing, right?

This is only the latest speedbump for Square Enix when it comes to updating fan-favorite games. Everyone went gaga when the Final Fantasy VII remake was announced, but loads of fans cried out when it was made clear that the game was basically being built from the ground up and would include a new fighting engine, among other alterations. Apparently folks wanted the exact same game, but with newer graphics.

And then there’s the fact that Square Enix plans to launch Final Fantasy VII over the course of three games, so there’s no telling what they’ll upset fans with next. My guess: Cloud’s sword is being replaced with a tennis racquet.
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