Are you a spiky-haired hero with a massive sword and a wicked case of amnesia? Are some of your best friends mages? Do you ride a chocobo to work? Did you name your dog Cid? If so, then chances are pretty good that you are, in fact, a Final Fantas fan. There can be only one Super Fan, however, and in order to determine who that is, Square Enix is running itself a little competition.

After receiving dozens upon dozens of videos from Final Fantasy fans around the world, Square Enix has narrowed down the field to just 25 possible candidates to be considered for the coveted title of “Super Fan.” The competition is being held in honor of the long-running roleplaying game series, which is currently celebrating its 25th birthday.

As I said, the field of nominees has been narrowed down to just 25 candidates.

“But that’s where our responsibilities end,” said an unknown voice from within a Square Enix press release. “Now it’s up to you. Only the Square Enix community can decide who is worthy of being crowned the first ever Final Fantasy Super Fan.”

In order to have your say, simply head on over to the promotion’s official website, check out the 25 finalists’ videos, then vote on which person you believe is the “Super Fan.”

Along with their title, the Final Fantasy Super Fan will have their name credited in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, a pair of tickets to the Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert in Paris, France, and an official Final Fantasy goodie bag. Hit the website between now and Dec. 7 to help make one lucky fan’s dreams come true.

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