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RPG fans gaming on PC have something to look forward to in the coming months as Square Enix announces it will be bringing Final Fantsy Type-0 HD to a desktop near you.

Only releasing a couple of months ago on home console, Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is an upgraded version of a former PSP-exclusive, boasting enhanced graphics and sound, new content and more. Apparently that game sold well enough to make Square Enix decide to offer it up to even more fans, with a PC port planned for…well, we’re not sure yet.

This news comes from Siliconera, who originally picked up on the announcement via a note on the Square Enix Twitter page. If you can’t read Japanese, you can go ahead and skip out on following that second link.

All we know so far is that he game is heading to PC through Steam at some point in the future, with Square Enix promising more details at a later date. Since E3 is just around the corner, shortly followed by Tokyo Game Show, either of those seems like a perfect opportunity for the publisher to drop some additional information.

Unlike the numbered games in the Final Fantasy franchise, Type-0 takes a slightly different approach to the JRPG formula, featuring far more action-heavy combat. And just to make sure nobody gets their hopes up, I feel it’s appropriate that I mention that the Final Fantasy XV demo that dropped with the console version of the game was announced as an exclusive opportunity to play a chunk of that title way in advance of its release, so I wouldn’t hold my breath for the boy band ensemble to make an appearance in this PC port of Type-0.

From new games in the numbered series to spin-offs, mobile offerings, a new fighting game and more, Square Enix has really been pushing the Final Fantasy series of late, trying to offer a little something for everyone. Many fans seemed to lose interest in the series due to a trio of Final Fantasy XIII games that didn’t seem to wow the masses. The release of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on PC and consoles started building renewed momentum for the series, though, and it looks like Type-0 HD will try to keep that hype train rolling on PC whenever it finally launches.

If nothing else, more Final Fantasy love on the PC should be considered good news any day of the week, so here’s hoping even more future (and past) games in the series can find a new home on the platform.

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