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The Final Fantasy legacy is set to continue on mobile devices as an updated version of Final Fantasy V is set to arrive on iOS later today.

Playable on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad platforms, Final Fantasy V first hit the scene more than two decades ago, arriving on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System here in the United States.

“Return to the classic medieval tale of magic, monsters and friendship with Final Fantasy V” reads a statement from Square Enix concerning today’s big release. “Twenty years after the original Final Fantasy V released in Japan, the classic RPG has found its way to mobile devices. Embark on an epic adventure as four heroes driven together by fate.”

The crystals that make the world go round have lost their power and are on the brink of destruction. Now it’s up to Bartz, Lenna, Galuf and Faris to restore the sacred items and hopefully return peace and prosperity to the land.

It’s expected that Final Fantasy V will go for about $15 when it hits iTunes later today, but a price has not yet been set in stone. What we do know, however, is that the game will feature several new additions on iOS.

Along with new job titles (Gladiator, Cannoneer, Oracle and Necromancer), the game will feature all new art from Kazuko Shibuya to help complement the shiny new graphics. Touch screen controls are a given, as well as the “Sealed Temple” dungeon added to the 2006 re-release of the game, as well as the all new boss, Enuo.

The Final Fantasy series sure does seem to be on a roll these days. Final Fantasy XI got its first batch of new content in five years, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is coming down the pipeline and the remastered versions of Final Fantasy X and X2 were recently announced for the PS3 and Vita. And let’s not forget about the impending re-launch of Final Fantasy XIV later this year. In short, there’s nothing really “final” about the Final Fantasy series.