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This weekend will mark the end of the troubled, original incarnation of Final Fantasy XIV. A new CGI cinematic from Square Enix shows the last minutes of Eorzea's existence.

The trailer opens with the Eorzean Alliance battling the Garlean Empire. The Alliance's heroes turn the tide of the battle, but it's all for naught. Dalamud, the massive meteor in the sky above, is about to hit the planet.

Soon Square Enix will begin the alpha test for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the relaunched version of the MMORPG. The worldwide destruction brought by Dalamud is how Square will explain the reshaping of the game world. Other improvements for "Final Fantasy XIV 2.0" include a new graphics engine, a revamped user interface, revised and new jobs, and improved PvP content.

Square Enix plans to release Realm Reborn on the PC sometime next year. The PC re-release will coincide with the PS3 debut of the game. The PS3 never received the original FFXIV because Square Enix was too busy trying to fix the maligned PC version.

Regardless of whether or not you played FFXIV or plan to play its re-released version, the cinematic is worth watching. It's a gorgeous and exciting send-off. If only all MMO's got this nice of a farewell.