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According to Square Enix CEO, Yosuke Matsuda, Final Fantasy XV is going to be a massive release due to the fact that it's already sold out of some of its pre-order editions and the other pre-orders have racked up “impressive volume” the world around. Now all games have to do is wait for September to get their hands on the game.

Shacknews picked up the quote from a thread on NeoGaf, where Matsuda stated that Final Fantasy XV has “racked up an impressive volume of pre-orders worldwide”. The company is expecting the game to sell huge throughout the rest of 2016 and 2017 as their biggest title in fiscal 2017. I wonder where exactly that puts Kingdom Hearts 3?

The article notes that the limited collector's editions that were being sold of Final Fantasy XV have all been sold out. There will be more made available starting from today, May 31st, but as the name implies., they're only available in limited quantities.

So what do you get in this special version of Final Fantasy XV? Well, the Ultimate Collector's Edition contains a copy of Final Fantasy XV, a 192 page hardcover art book, an exclusive steel book with the Kingsglaive CG movie, an exclusive steel book with the Brotherhood anime series that also comes with a special bonus soundtrack, bonus in-game content that includes a special livery for the Phantom Leviathan car, a special outfit for Noctis, and a special Masamune weapon for Final Fantasy XV (although many of you might remember it as one of Cyan's weapons from Final Fantasy VI, as it's been a recurring weapon in the series).

The Ultimate Collector's Edition also contains some other special in-game items, such as a travel pack, a camera kit, an anglier suit and a gourmand set. This is all topped off with an exclusive Play Arts Kai collectible figure of the main character, Noctis.

The Ultimate Collector's Edition of Final Fantasy XV will cost you, though. It runs a breezy $269.99. However, only 30,000 of these have been made, so they really will be in limited supply.

There are also two other versions, the Deluxe Edition and the Day One Edition. The Deluxe Edition contains a copy of the game, a special steel book case, a Blu-ray copy of Kingsglaive, a copy of Final Fantasy XV, along with the Royal Raiment outfit for Noctis, the Leviathan livery, and the Masamune. The Deluxe edition will run you $89.99.

The Day One Edition contains the base game and the Masamune bonus. That's it. It's available for pre-order for $59.99.

Square is hoping to sell millions of copies of Final Fantasy XV when it launches on September 30th, and they've made deals with Audi, hired Hollywood acting talent and have basically gone all-out in promoting the game in order for it to become a staple representation of the new generation of Final Fantasy games. They have a long road ahead of them and a lot of skeptics to get through, but the game is looking mighty fine and Xbox One and PS4 owners will be able to experience it in full this September.

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