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Today is going to be flooded with news about Final Fantasy XV from morning until midnight and likely all day tomorrow. Square Enix is gearing up to announce the release date for Final Fantasy XV, which is one of the most anticipated games launching this year.

Gamespot posted up what could most likely be considered as a public reminder that the event in Los Angeles, California, called: Final Fantasy XV Release Date Uncovered.

The event will get underway starting 7pm PST or 10pm EST, tonight. It will take place in the Shrine Auditorium in Hollywood and it will be hosted by Kinda Funny Games' Greg Miller and Tim Gettys.

Gamespot is also reporting that Square Enix invited Final Fantasy fan Pia Wurtzbach to attend. For those of you unfamiliar with the name, that's Miss Universe... the one who won the crown after the controversial segment involving Steve Harvey and the name mishap. They note in the article that it's unclear if Wurtzbach will actually attend, but it's kind of interesting that Square would invite her anyway.

Apart from hosting duties, location and time, the actual event itself is supposed to highlight all sorts of exemplary content and features that will be in Final Fantasy XV while also officially unveiling the game's release date for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Additional gameplay footage is expected to be unveiled, as indicated by the recently leaked footage that came out of a Chinese video service, and the release date is now rumored to be September 30th, based on some other leaks that came out.

With all of these leaks it seems like there won't be much for Square Enix to showcase regarding Final Fantasy XV. However, that's actually far from the truth. The game has some serious depth as far as options and content is concerned.

One thing that's not talked about often is the fishing mini-game, where players can travel around the open world and visit fishing locations to gather up various kinds of seafood. What do you do with the fish? Why, you cook them and eat them. Yes, the game has a rather delectable selection of meals that can be learned and prepared throughout the journey, with Noctis and his friends being able to get some neat buffs from eating certain kinds of foods.

Traveling to these various locations is done either automatically or manually with the driving mechanic that they've implemented into Final Fantasy XV, enabling gamers to soak in the sights while they move from one destination to the next.

All of these high-end features are coupled with a brand new stealth system and a completely new combat system for a Final Fantasy title. The combat is in real-time and features dodging, parrying, rolling and various weapon types with different combos and striking ability.

As players level up they are able to perform more complex combos and special attacks, including being able to do all the fancy moves showcased in some of the cinematic trailers released years ago of Final Fantasy XV.

You can tune into the event via live-stream to watch the unveiling of the release date or keep an eye on various websites as the new info is made available to the public.

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