Fire Emblem: Awakening arrived in Japan this April but it'll take significantly longer for the game to arrive in the West. Developer Intelligent Systems confirmed this weekend that the 3DS turn-based RPG won't launch in North America and Europe until 2013.

Awakening maintains the traditional turn-based strategy of previous Emblem games while also mixing in some new features. For example, characters will be able to team up in order to launch combination attacks on enemies. Players can share characters with friends via the 3DS' SpotPass and StreetPass. It's also possible to make your own soldiers.

This will be the first 3DS game to allow players to purchase premium DLC. Players will be able to buy a number of characters from throughout the series. Some of the purchaseable characters include Leaf, Elincia and Celice.

The extra wait for a Western release sucks but at least we're getting the game. A number of previous entries in the series never left Japan.

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