The road-raging, gun-blazing, rocket-firing combat racing title from Joystick Replay called Fire & Forget: The Final Assault, has officially launched for PC, Mac, Android and Apple's iOS powered platforms. The game is a new-age throwback to classic concrete combat at high speeds in cool cars with big bazookas and Gatling guns.

Joystick Replay doesn't waste a whole lot of time prepping up and paying pageantry to their own game, instead they want the videos and gameplay to do most of the talking for them. The game is like a mashed up mix between Carmageddon, Quarantine, the original Fire & Forget and that chase scene from The Dark Knight, all crunched up together like a Cadillac in a car crusher.

The game is available right now for those of you willing to get head-over-heels into some arcade-style highway hijinks, or if you're willing to step into a digital time machine to relieve some nostalgia for today's generation of gaming platforms.

You can grab Fire & Forget from digital distributors on PC, from the iTunes app store for iOS powered devices or from the Google Play store for Android. Need more info? Feel free to visit the Official Website.

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