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(Update: The screenshots below are from another project by the same developers. We apologize for the mistake. You can view the new screenshots of the game Here.)

If you’ve never heard of Fireburst it’s because it was just announced. The game will supposedly combine intense off-road racing with non-stop combat with other racers. This high-end racer is expected to land on retailer shelves by the fourth-quarter for major gaming consoles and PC platforms.

"With Fireburst, we have reached a new dimension in the racing game genre. This is largely due to the innovative boost system which allows players to attack and destroy opponents' cars in different ways," says Birgit Hönsch, divisional manager of Games Publishing & Licensing at RTL interactive GmbH.

The game’s main gimmick is in its fire-boost functionality; giving gamers a variety of ways to blast opponents into smithereens. Fireburst also features some zany characters and vehicle selections that allow players to combine, mix and match for various changes in attributes.

We have a few new screenshots of the game for you below…and if I must say so myself, it actually looks darn-freaking fine. Based on the images the game seems to combine a little bit of Burnout with The Need For Speed. So we’ll definitely keep an eye out on this game as more media surfaces for it. For further news, info, updates and insight, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.

FireBurst Features:

• First PLAYSTATION 3 title from Black Inc.
• Innovative boost system: With the novel 4-stage fire boost, opponents' vehicles are eliminated in spectacular ways
• Fireburst is developed based on Unreal Engine 3
• Wacky characters
• All kinds of vehicles: From sleek buggies and pimped-up vintage models to massive pick-ups, this fleet leaves nothing to be desired
• Unique combinations of drivers and vehicles: Match a character with the appropriate vehicle to optimize driving attributes
• Game modes offering plenty of variation: Challenge and championship modes, as well as multiplayer options (with up to 16 players online, or up to 4 players offline with a split screen), make for spectacular entertainment
• Surprising twists: 20 huge tracks are divided into ten areas. Each track offers shortcuts and alternative routes
• Plenty of bonuses: Unlock new vehicles, tracks, and game modes
• Sneering and jeering: Each character uses more than 50 different taunts to mock the competition. But beware: The more you provoke the AI drivers, the more aggressively they will race you!