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First Look At L4D2's Dark Carnival

New details surrounding Valve's zombie slaying sequel, Left 4 Dead 2, have surfaced and it just may be a precursor to what could be a sleeper hit for Game of the Year.

Recently, Kotaku had the chance to play through the newest announced campaign for the sequel, “Dark Carnival.” The campaign begins on a deserted highway in which the survivors have to make their way down the road towards a looming giant Ferris Wheel and candy striped big top.

One of the main differences between the first Left 4 Dead and the follow-up, is the addition of new “Special Infected”, such as the Charger and Jockey. The Charger is a large barreling zombie type that runs through your survivor group, grabs one of you, and then smashes you against the nearest wall. The Charger has been tweaked since the game's announcement at E3 earlier this year. The Jockey is the other new "Special Infected" in which this lively unique zombie will jump onto the back of one of the survivors. The player will then lose control of their character and the Jockey will steer the survivor into a horde of zombies exposing the character to a mass amount of damage.

Other new additions include the “uncommon” common infected. These zombies are the “leaders” of the zombie horde. In “Dark Carnival” they take on the identity of deranged clowns in which their main function is calling more zombies to their location, which usually encompasses your location as well. There are also new weapons added to the sequel and a large number of them include the melee genre, such as Katana's, axes, and electric guitars.

There were some angry Left 4 Dead fans out there when this sequel was first announced, but with these new details surfacing as the release date for the game gets closer, I would expect them to be very happy with the end result. The game is out in November for the Xbox 360 and PC.

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