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Interested in Haemimont Games’ upcoming, co-op action-RPG for the Xbox 360 and PC? Well, if you feel like laying some medieval smackdown on evildoers before everyone else, you can currently register for the upcoming closed-beta test.

A stated in the press release…
Gamers interested in helping test the Windows PC version of the game need to visit the link below to apply for an invite to the beta. The First Templar features furious cooperative combat set in Middle Ages Europe - a time of darkness and encroaching evil.

The game is always set for two people, but when the second character isn’t controlled by another player the game’s AI takes over (ala Resident Evil 5). The First Templar looks like a cross between God of War and Final Fight. Unfortunately, not a whole lot of gameplay has been shown off, so maybe those closed-beta testers will be able to give a little bit more insight on the gameplay once they get in.

You can register for the PC version of the closed-beta test by heading over to the Official Website.

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