A pair of brand new apps are heading to the PlayStation Vita, allowing users to interact with their friends in all new ways through Friend Network and create their own rockin’ tunes with Imaginstruments.

Along with games, Vita has been setting itself apart from other handheld and mobile platforms by offering a wide selection of free apps unique to the PlayStation experience. Ecolibrium released just a couple of weeks ago, giving players the chance to create and grow their own alien ecosystem. And then there’s Wake-up Club, the customizable alarm clock that lets players interact with folks from around the world who are waking up at the exact same time.

This spring, Friend Network will finally give U.S. gamers a proper introduction to the Japanese PlayStation mascot, Toro. This friendly feline and his pals will help the player get to know the Friend Network app, a social experience that lets you interact with your friends by exchanging “business cards,” setting challenges and competing in mini-games. There are even lobbies where you can meet strangers and possibly get to know some new friends. Friend Network also syncs with your other social networks, making it easy to connect with your existing friends through Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, there’s Imaginstruments, which lets you create your own musical tracks using a wide array of sounds and effects in both passive and active gameplay modes. Pick an instrument or sound, decide where it will go on the timeline and build your own song in a matter of minutes.

Both of these apps are coming to the Vita later this spring. For more info, check out the announcement on the PlayStation Blog.

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