Bizarre PlayStation Vita mini-game collection, Frobisher Says, will get a whole new collection of activities for players to enjoy in the form of the Mega Fun Pack DLC, set to release next Tuesday, April 16.

If you’ve ever played a game like WarioWare, then you’ve already got the basic idea of what to expect out of Frobisher Says. The oddball titular character asks the player to conduct various silly feats, which the player then completes by pressing buttons, touching screens, yelling into the mic, etc. For the upcoming Mega Fun Pack, there’s no way I could possibly describe what developer Honeyslug will be adding to the mix better than Producer Mark Inman over on the PlayStation Blog.

“If you enjoy being ordered to open seafood, not smile at woodland creatures and punch a bear in the face, you’ll be delighted to hear that Frobisher’s Mega Fun Pack is coming to a PS Vita near you on Tuesday,” Inman said. “As if the previous requests Frobisher made weren’t crazy enough, the Mega Fun Pack contains 15 new games involving such ludicrous demands as joining a gurning squad, milking a mammoth and driging to Stephen’s house. Who is Stephen? We’re still not quite sure.”

So, yeah, the humor is oddball and, from what I’ve played of the free core game, it’s a decently fun way to explore your Vitas various input methods. Thankfully, there’s also a new feature that lets you turn off camera/mic games, so no worries if you want to play the game in low lighting or while waiting in the doctor’s office. It’ll be our little secret. Look for the Mega Fun Pack on PSN next week.

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